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Big Start With Angular 2 Seed

Angular 2 beta is now out and it will become a “thing” just like its predecessor. Developers and companies are not happy with the incompatibly between versions 1.x to 2.o and rightly so. It seems that many new projects have decided to move to ReactJS or other frameworks/libraries during Angular’s version purgatory. When the dust settles I believe 

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Spring with Backbone-Marionette: Hello World

We will begin to setup Java Spring framework that will be serving up our Backbone and Marionette client. See the Getting Started post a brief introduction of why we are pursuing this madness. I will be using the Spring Tool Suite for this series however the setup should be similar for Jetbrains intelliJ and webStorm or straight Eclipse 

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Android Pro Tips: Adding a Copyright

When developing android apps it is important to follow the Android Code Style Guidelines so that you have code that is consistent amongst your development team and in the community. Doing this goes a long way with team collaboration whether internal, outsourced or through GitHub. Adding a Copyright to each page is important for several reasons It 

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From .NET to Mobile Development

Let just say you are a seasoned veteran of .NET and the Microsoft stack in general but you want to expand your horizons or possibly change your career path to develop for mobile devices. When I say “Mobile devices” I am surely talking about cell phones but I also mean tablets, watches, cars, tv, kiosks 

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Angular.js: Seeking the Patterns and Anti-Patterns

If you consider yourself a javascript developer then you have undoubtedly ventured into angular on some molecular level building a nice little “Hello World” or “Todo” app. So now Angular seems fluffy and fun and you think you are ready to tackle that large web application. Lets go! Not So Fast Before you attempt to 

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Build Hybrid Mobile Apps: Choosing a Development Environment (IDE)

General considerations Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to selecting an environment to develop your code. This is much different than selecting between and OS. A developer needs to feel 100% comfortable in their IDE to be productive regardless of OS selected. For hybrid mobile apps we have to consider the front end 

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